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The collective, political experience of The Leonard Group and its Independent Associates is well in excess of One Hundred Years. We work the Congress, Federal Agencies and the White House, every day. In addition, we service all the 50 State Legislatures. This is a time when there is criticism of the business community as “special interests” and attempts to restrict the voices of the business community by many Members of Congress. This is a time when Managers need to have their views known on Capitol Hill and because of our extensive experience, our lobbyists have the skills needed to ensure that those voices are heard.

Legislation that will affect your business is being decided in the White House, Federal Agencies and Congress at this very moment. Unless you can reach the decision-makers in these jurisdictions and effectively explain your position, your business interests will not be considered.

The mission therefore is a simple, straightforward one. Retain us and we will see to it that your views are made known to the people who will make the decisions so you will have the opportunity to make your case to them.

We also know that on most issues there usually is a way to seek common ground and we know how to gather the intelligence needed to reach such a result. In short, we are result-oriented and pragmatic politicians. Sometimes accommodation is not possible and an all-out legislative battle ensues. Our lobbyists have had the experience of engaging in such legislative battles and winning.

The Leonard Group and our Independent Associates have served in past Administrations and on Congressional staffs. We use that experience to forge the long-term contacts that allow us to reach the critical decision-makers at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue. We learn about Bills and Amendments that affect our client’s interests before they are introduced. We take the mystery out of how Washington works and because we know how the system works, we are a powerful voice in this highly-charged and ever-changing environment

Washington is far more about intelligence than about information. Lots of people peddle information, most of which comes from the news media and collective wisdom. They know the “what”. But few are able to get behind the scenes to the far more important “why”.

Our team of lobbyists know the “what” and the “why” -- and that’s the reason we have been so successful. We have had some truly remarkable successes on behalf of our clients and we are eager to share them with you on a confidential basis. Our mission is single focused: give us the opportunity to tell you how we can help you.

Kate Leonard, President & Owner
202-672-5579 kleonard@leonardgroup.net

Marcel Van Robaeys, Vice President of Business Development
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